Are We Seeing A Return Of Pleated Trousers?

There are lots of fashion trends that come and go, with many being recycled and reintroduced decades after they were first made popular. Now it seems that pleated trousers could be making a comeback in the world of men’s fashion. According to GQ, a number of the big fashion houses are bringing back men’s pleated trousers, which means we’re likely to see them appearing on the high street again come spring. The fashion magazine cited the likes of Hermes and Ralph Lauren among those who have reintroduced pleats to the... Read More

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The Hugo Boss look

The Hugo Boss look   Hugo Boss is a brand in men’s fashion that carries a special heavyweight and it’s to no surprise that it brings us one of the most popular and broad designer collections online at Chameleon Menswear. The problem with having such an extensive brand that has so many collections each season is knowing which one reflects your style the best. At Chameleon Menswear, four separate labels make up the collection: Black, Orange, Green and Red. So to help you recognize the differences in these labels below... Read More