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Best Shirts For A Summer’s Day

Sunshine is a rarity in Britain, even during the summer. So it’s not surprising that most of the country is lapping up the opportunity for some warmth as a heatwave spreads over the UK this week. Temperatures are set to reach the low 30Cs in the south-east and East Anglia towards the middle and end of the week, according to the Met Office, which means guys have to quickly dust off their favourite summer shirts while the sun is still out. Short-sleeved shirts While short-sleeved shirts were once reserved for... Read More

Style Tips To Rock It When It’s Hot

So we’ve heard on the weather grapevine that it’s actually meant to be hotter than Barbados today (August 25th), so that got us to thinking… how can we channel a bit of Caribbean flavour this week to make it feel like we’re on our summer holidays even when we’ve got to go to work, work, work? (Don’t worry… Friday’s nearly here…) So first off, why don’t you give an all-white look a go? Pretty daunting, perhaps, but it’s fresh, it’s cool and it’s completely classic… plus you’ll stave off the heat and stay looking awesome... Read More

What To Wear To A Wedding This Summer

Once you hit a certain age, your summers will be filled with weddings every weekend, so it is important guys have a range of outfits they can wear to each special occasion. Here are our tips on how you can stay stylish this season, while still looking the part in the pews. Pale suits Dark grey and black suits can feel very morbid at a summer wedding, so don’t be afraid to lighten your attire by opting for a soft grey or pale colour instead. You can get away with... Read More

Dare To Wear A Choker?

If there’s one fashion mantra you should live your life by at the moment it’s that it’s all about throwback style these days. Look to the 70s, 80s and 90s for inspiration over the next few months and you can’t really go wrong. And there’s one 90s trend that some fashion moguls out there think works well for both guys and gals – that’s right, we’re talking about the choker. Men’s Fashion Month really showcased the humble choker as the accessory du jour but we have to confess we were pretty surprised... Read More

What To Wear With Brogues

Everyone looks good in a pair of brogues. Fact. But if you’re new to the shoe you might wonder just what to wear yours with. Would they go better with Lyle and Scott vintage or do they suit Hugo Boss Black Label better? Today, we’re here to answer all your sartorial questions when it comes to styling up your latest choice of footwear. Brogues have become so popular of late that they’ve been restyled a bit so you can either get them as dress shoes or opt for something with a... Read More

How To Style Slouchy Pants

Keeping your eye on the catwalks at the moment? Then you’ll have seen some of the biggest menswear designer labels – such as Hamaki Ho – showcasing a hot new trend for men’s trousers – slouchy pants with a wide leg. This is great news for anyone with a severe aversion to skinny jeans but is it an easy look to pull off? We’re not so sure. If you’re short in stature, you could well find the slouchy pant look particularly difficult to get right because the wide leg nature of the... Read More

How To Wear: The Jacket

How To Wear: The Jacket   Without question, the weather isn’t something you can ever rely on with regards to your outfit… well, at least here in Coventry – especially in spring, where one day can be warm, cloudless and sunny, and the next day can be cold, cloudy and very wet, making your outerwear choice a mind-boggling decision. With spring now upon us, deciding on the right jacket can be a very hard decision, especially as the UK weather changes its mind more than we do our outfits. Here... Read More

How To Wear: The Polo Shirt

  How To Wear: The Polo Shirt   As the British summer countdown begins, and we put away our coats and jumpers, Chameleon urges you to take a closer look at the T-shirt’s more sturdy, well-dressed cousin: the polo.   Many of you will be thinking – “a polo is a polo, how hard can it be to ‘wear’ one”. This is the first mistake. Once you learn to understand the contributions and impact the polo shirt can make to your outfit only then can it be fully appreciated.  ... Read More