Top Knitwear For Men This Season

Despite the fact that we’re moving into March (and you’d hope spring), the freezing weather we’ve experienced in the UK of late has probably got you thinking that you need to keep your winter wardrobe for a few more weeks.

But that’s totally fine as there are some great knitwear pieces out there for guys, and a bit more cold weather just means you have longer to wear your favourite items of warm clothing.

The Guardian recently highlighted some of the best knitwear pieces available for men, so if you don’t have any of these in your wardrobe, you might want to add a couple to your collection in time for the next icy spell – although let’s face it, there are often summer evenings when a jumper doesn’t go amiss either.

The pieces showcased by the newspaper are a mix of jumpers and cardigans. Yes, that’s right guys, feel free to add a cardigan to your ensemble, they’re in fashion and when paired with the right top or shirt can look great.

All three cardigans included in the list are relatively plain – and that’s the best way to go as they will match more of the rest of your wardrobe this way.

When it comes to jumpers, you can be a bit bolder with colours and patterns. There’s a bright orange jumper in the mix, as well as a couple that make use of a fair isle pattern. Stick to black, white or grey if you don’t want to go all out, but don’t be afraid to opt for something with a bit more vibrancy if you want to really stand out (for all the right reasons).

Hugo Boss Black Label and Emporio Armani both have stylish knitted jumpers for men in a range of colours. There are more neutral tones in both collections, as well as tops in red, green and even a couple with striped designs if you’re looking for something a little different.

The main thing to remember with knitwear is that it can last for years if you buy quality and take care of it, so think of these pieces as investments that can get you through many winters to come.

Another trend that you might want to embrace during this cold snap is that of the football scarf – yes, they are finally fashionable on days when you’re not heading to watch your team play.

Football scarves have been popping up on a host of fashion designers’ runways, so now is the time to get your favourite one out and wear it with pride. Scarves are a brilliant way to stay a bit warmer and given how freezing the weather has been lately you’ve probably still got a good few weeks where you can wear them.

This kind of scarf in particular is great if you want to keep warm, because they tend to be so long and thick that they’ll keep you toasty.

If you’re looking for a new jumper, you could even buy one in a colour that features in your football scarf so that they accent one another – just a thought.

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