Hot Trend: The Football Scarf!

It’s the news that we’ve all been waiting for… football scarves are finally in fashion and it’s never been trendier to head out and about with one wound around your neck. And it’s perfect timing, since the weather is Baltic out there and it doesn’t look like it’s getting warmer anytime soon, even if spring is only about 40 days or so away. It’s going to be cold forever…

If you check out the latest runways, you’ll see football scarves absolutely everywhere, with all sorts of style ideas for what to wear them with. For a few ideas, head to the world wide web and check out recent runways for Versace, which were awash with luxe velvet fabrics, lots (and lots) of leopard print, tracksuits, quilted jackets… and the humble football scarf, of course!

Jonathan Anderson and Uniqlo also recently teamed up to bring out a range of unisex oversized striped football scarves using the brand’s renowned HeatTech fabric. And the interesting news is that this isn’t just a style for men – brands like Stella McCartney are also producing these footie scarves for women so we can all look our sporty best.

For even more sartorial inspiration, check out this article on the Vogue website that should help you wear your scarf with style. As the magazine notes, it’s very easy to pair your neon scarf with a simple topcoat or parka, but you can also be brave and wear a vibrant scarf with outwear that’s just as eye-catching.

Some of the scarves are an interesting take on the trend, using parka jacket material for example – perhaps not something for the faint of heart. Crochet also appears to be in, so you could go for something really different if your heart so desires.

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