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Monthly Archives: October 2017

3 Strong Autumn Fragrances For Guys

A new season should always herald the dawn of a new cologne and now that we’re in the full throes of autumn, it’s perhaps time to shelve those summer fragrances you’ve been clinging onto. Here are just a couple of our favourite autumnal fragrances for men that’ll go perfectly with your Hamaki Ho clobber this season. Concrete Commes des Garcons, … Continue reading

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7 Of The Best Haircare Tips For Men

Now that winter is well and truly on its way, we need to be as prepared as possible when it comes to grooming or our skin will dry out, our hair will look a right mess and people will cross the road to avoid us as we head off on our way to work. If you’re already struggling with your … Continue reading

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How To Invest In Timeless Men’s Fashion

When you go shopping for a new item for your wardrobe, or even a new outfit, the level of choice can be overwhelming. Some garments and accessories fly in and out of fashion so quickly you’ve barely worn them before they’re consigned to the bottom of a drawer, but others stand the test of time. The key is knowing which … Continue reading

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