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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Fall Fashion For Men: Our Top Picks

It’s safe to say that autumn is now well and truly here… kiss goodbye to the sun and say hi to wind, rain and snow. Hopefully that won’t happen just yet (although we have heard that we can expect to be battered by six massive storms before Christmas Day), but if it does we’ll be more than ready for it. … Continue reading

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Who Are Your Menswear Style Icons?

There’s no doubt that we take cues about how we dress from those in the limelight, as well as people around us and current fashion trends. It’s always interesting to look at whose style you may have adopted, even subconsciously, and now Fashionbeans has pulled together a list of its eight top underrated men’s style icons. Jeff Goldblum is on … Continue reading

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9 Autumn Skincare Tips For Men

Now that summer is seemingly done with us (oh well), it’s time to start thinking about how best to look after your skin during autumn. Wind, rain and cold weather does no good whatsoever so you do need to change your skincare routine up a bit if you want to look your best in your Hugo Boss Orange Label threads. … Continue reading

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Should You Iron Your Shirts This Autumn?

Whether you are into Barbour or Armani, one of the biggest trends this autumn in men’s wear is the crumpled, layered look. It has been coming for a long time, and many hipsters are probably wondering why it took so long. But just how far should you go with this? Leading fashion houses have revealed an untucked look that comprises of oversize … Continue reading

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Are Men’s Cosmetic Counters On The Way?

Thankfully, these days, not much is a taboo for men to do if they want to when it comes to the style stakes – whether you’re into your male grooming, love top fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood or a true sneaker spotter. However, it seems that the next big frontier might well be men’s make-up, according to The Telegraph. … Continue reading

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