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Monthly Archives: July 2017

How To Pinroll Your Jeans

In menswear, bare ankles continue to be a big summer trend, whether you opt for those cropped Armani jeans or by rolling up the cuffs – but have you ever discovered the pin roll? Pin rolling is not a new trend – tit dates as far back as the 1950s according to Fashion Beans, and it came back into the … Continue reading

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Your Grooming Guide To Get Through Summer With A Smile

We’re nearing the end of July now and there have been some patches of amazing weather over the last few weeks. This is all very well and good but sitting around in the sun, playing Frisbee in the park or having a few drinks down the local boozer, can play real havoc with your skin and hair. So to help … Continue reading

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Are You Making These Workwear Mistakes?

What are you shopping for your next Hugo Boss Black Label suit for – work or pleasure? While our suits are a great choice for weddings and more, many people also buy them for the office to show that they, well, mean business. Dressing for the workplace is almost a different skill than dressing for everyday life – it’s about … Continue reading

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What To Wear To Wimbledon

One of the most hotly anticipated sporting events on the UK calendar has just kicked off (July 3rd) and it raises one of the most important fashion questions of all time… just what should you wear to Wimbledon? There’s no reason you can’t go dressed in your usual G H Bass & Co Weejun kicks but you’ve got to remember … Continue reading

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Frosted Tips – Staging A Comeback!

It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for… 90s staple haircut for men, the frosted tip, is back at long, long last! What could possibly go better with your Versus Versace than a crown of blonde on the top of your head? As we all know, fashion is cyclical and trends will always make a comeback at some point. But … Continue reading

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Which Tie For Which Collar?

If you are swish enough to wear Barbour you should be able to match your men’s wear correctly. One aspect of fashion knowledge that has been lost over the past couple of generations is which type of neck wear to wear with which type of shirt. You have two basic choices, the tie and the cravat. Obviously there are a … Continue reading

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