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Monthly Archives: May 2017

How To Make Yourself Look Taller

Not everyone is blessed with amazing giant genes that ensure they’re 6”2 or higher. Some of us have to make do with being under 6” – and just as taller gentlemen out there struggle to find trousers and shoes in the right sizes, so too does the smaller gent out there have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. … Continue reading

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4 Of The Best Spring Fragrances For Men

Time to ditch your more wintry fragrances, guys, and start looking for something fresh and clean. Spring is finally here! And summer isn’t far behind! Can’t decide what to smell like? Here are just some of the very best spring fragrances for men good money can now buy. Dior Homme Sport A sophisticated option that would suit busy urban lifestyles, … Continue reading

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Hot Trend: Embroidery

Now that spring is here, you can start hiding all your darker clothes and bring more flamboyant Hamaki Ho options to the fore. About time, don’t you think? Well, if you’ve been waiting for the sun to start shining so you can make a few braver sartorial decisions, you need to stock up on a few embroidered items or spring … Continue reading

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