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Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Very Best Of Summer Jackets

We’re going to learn our lesson from what’s about to presumably be a very soggy Glastonbury and make sure we pack a Barbour jacket for the rest of our summer plans. While most people were undoubtedly planning to fill their bags with the minimal amount of clothing, hoping for sunny skies for the UK’s most renowned festival, we’re pretty sure … Continue reading

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Get Summer Wardrobes Ready As Warm Weather Returns

The warm weather is set to make a comeback this week, so guys wanting to make the most of the sunshine should get their Emporio Armani swimwear and other summer wardrobe essentials ready. While the weather has been wet and gloomy for the last few days, with constant showers and mild temperatures, thermometers are set to hit 28C by the … Continue reading

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Next Season Trends From Last Ever London Collections Men

Four years ago, the first London Collection Mens launched, declaring a space and dedicated fashion week for London’s best menswear designers such as Barbour. It returned this week – however, for the last time, as more and more design houses look to mix their male and female fashion shows into one super show according to The Telegraph. Men’s fashion weeks … Continue reading

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3 Of The Best Trends From London Collections: Men

Who doesn’t like to look their best? All too often, confidence is tied up with our outward appearance. If you look good on the outside, then you feel good on the inside, or so they say. Which is why you’re all so keen to keep up with all the latest trends in men’s fashion, shopping around for the very latest Hugo Boss … Continue reading

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100 Years Of Men’s Swimwear – In 3 Seconds!

It might come as a shock to some, but men’s swimwear hasn’t always been as it is today. We’re so used to lounging poolside in loose swimming trunks that we’ve (conveniently) forgotten that even just a couple of decades ago we were out there flaunting our manhood in a pair of skimpy budgie smugglers. It’s certainly interesting to think how styles and … Continue reading

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The Loafer Guide at Chameleon Menswear.

The Loafer Guide at Chameleon Menswear.   “The timeless silhouett’s skilful blend of comfort and flair.” – Esquire UK Unlike the widely worn holy footwear duo of brogues and Oxfords, loafers are oft hugely underrated, written off as flamboyant or too difficult to pull off with any real degree of success. In truth, these slip-on styles are anything but. Being … Continue reading

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