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How To Wear: The Jacket

How To Wear: The Jacket


Without question, the weather isn’t something you can ever rely on with regards to your outfit… well, at least here in Coventry – especially in spring, where one day can be warm, cloudless and sunny, and the next day can be cold, cloudy and very wet, making your outerwear choice a mind-boggling decision.

With spring now upon us, deciding on the right jacket can be a very hard decision, especially as the UK weather changes its mind more than we do our outfits. Here at Chameleon Menswear, we have drawn up a couple of simple you can wear no matter the weather.


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1- The Bomber Jacket


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Possibly one of the most popular jackets for men in 2016, the bomber jacket is an item that all men should have in their wardrobe.Slightly elasticated around the bottom and wrists, this type of jacket can provide a whole new style to your outfit. These jackets can be thin and waterproof, covering all the essentials  for spring.

They’re also extremely easy to style thanks to their total versatility. For example, layer a black bomber over a white T-shirt, add a pair black jeans and complete the look with a pair of comfortable trainers. You can even add a hoodie for some warmth. Regardless of how you style this jacket, we’re pretty sure it’ll look spot on.


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2-The Leather Jacket


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Everybody wants to own a leather jacket – after all, everyone looks cool in leather. That’s just a fact. Now, you may be thinking a leather jacket can only be worn in winter, and for some types of leather that might be the case, but if the right jacket is found, you will stick out from the crowd in the most iconic item of clothing with a voice all of its own. Confidence is key to wearing a leather jacket, but it can also bring with it a lot of confidence.

You don’t have to look like a cast member from  Grease to pull this one off. Wear it with the correct outfit and let the natural rebellious nature consume you this spring. Nothing quite says cool as much as the colour black and nothing is quite as cool as an all-black outfit topped off with a leather jacket.

You may not be able to sing like a rock star but a pair of Versus Versace High Tops, washed out true religion jeans and a black Versus Versace T-shirt all add up to make this the quintessential modern rock star attire.


3 The Blazer



What piece of men’s clothing looks smart, is very versatile, but is not a suit or a sport coat? The answer is simple, but yet overlooked: the blazer. This piece of men’s clothing should be found in every man’s wardrobe.

If you are in a situation where wearing a suit would be too formal and a sport coat too casual, then your best option is to wear a classic, custom men’s blazer paired with trousers in a different color.

The possibilities, while not endless, give a man options that a suit can’t. A Hugo Boss blazer can be matched with paisley, stripes, checks, or ties. Formal shoes, boat shoes and even trainers can be worn with a blazer and for those men who dress with confidence, a blazer with a bow tie makes for a manly impression that is often dismissed as old fashioned. Sadly, this classic piece of menswear is seen just as that: outdated and only something men in their 50s would wear.


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Final Thought


So there’s our shortlist of essentials this spring/summer. There is an endless amount of jacket styles from denim to suede and from sleeveless to wax, so make sure you choose the right type of jacket for the activities you do throughout the day and plan ahead to match the weather.Make sure you give your jacket the outfit it deserves, since it gives you the look you deserve.

Here at Chameleon Menswear we can show you how to comfortably wear a blazer in spring, and be fashionable with it. A grey blazer matched with black trousers, white shirt and black tie, finished with a pair of black formal shoes will give you a classic clean cut look


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