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Designer Menswear

Be on Top of the Latest Fashion Trends by Owning Your Own Collection of Designer Menswear

Many of the world’s greatest fashion brands, whose names are recognizable almost anywhere in the world,
such as Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss, got their start by designing very expensive, haute couture collections
for the major fashion shows in Milan and Paris, that still occur twice a year. These clothes however, are of
limited production and extremely expensive, out of reach for most of us. After establishing their reputation
as world-class designers, these savvy businessmen decided that there was money to be made in designing
and producing clothes that carried their label, but that were affordable to a mass-market audience. Armani
was one of the first to branch out, creating several different lines, such as Emporio Armani and Armani
Exchange, building stores around the world to showcase these clothes which ranged from T-shirts and
jeans, to slacks and suits, all impeccably made, with a definitive style all their own, but priced within reach
of the common man. Many other designers across the world followed this trend, a good example of which
would be Ralph Lauren, whose signature Polo line is known around the globe: it encompasses not only
beautiful suits, ties and shirts, but also simpler offerings such as sandals. Like many other designers, Ralph
Lauren also branched out to different age groups, and now offers an entire collection of clothes just for

Fortunately for most of us, today designer menswear is available from a very wide variety of quality
designers, and encompasses potentially one’s entire wardrobe, from suits and blazers, to T-shirts and
polo shirts, and from cardigans and jackets, coats and formal wear to trousers, belts, caps, and various
accessories, amongst others. Among the designers that have made a commitment to providing quality
goods to the general public are not only the internationally known names already mentioned, such as
Armani, Hugo Boss and Polo Ralph Lauren, but also others such Dolce and Gabbana, who have created the
D&G label just for this purpose, and also others such as Henry Lloyd, Just Cavalli, Lyle and Scott, Carrera,
Bolognano Trevor, RaRe, Pretty Green and True Religion.

Now it is possible to look stylish and trendy, without spending a tremendous amount of money in the
process. All these labels have distinctive looks and styles, allowing one to mix and match designers at
will, or stay faithful to one label, and buy all your clothes and accessories from them exclusively. With the
affordability and wide selection that is available, you can let your imagination fly and create a personalized
image for yourself that will make one instantly recognizable.

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