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Top Knitwear For Men This Season

Despite the fact that we’re moving into March (and you’d hope spring), the freezing weather we’ve experienced in the UK of late has probably got you thinking that you need to keep your winter wardrobe for a few more weeks. But that’s totally fine as there are some great knitwear pieces out there for guys, and a bit more cold weather just means you have longer to wear your favourite items of warm clothing. The Guardian recently highlighted some of the best knitwear pieces available for men, so if you... Read More

How To Give Your Wardrobe A Boost On A Budget

While you may want to give your wardrobe a makeover, we don’t always have the budget to buy a shelf full of new Armani jeans – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your outfits a refresh. Try these cost-effective buys and ideas for a new look for less. To start off, you need to purge your wardrobe. Before you add anything new, you need to get rid of anything outdated or obviously not right for you. If these clothes are in good condition, why not sell them online –... Read More

Hot Trend: The Football Scarf!

It’s the news that we’ve all been waiting for… football scarves are finally in fashion and it’s never been trendier to head out and about with one wound around your neck. And it’s perfect timing, since the weather is Baltic out there and it doesn’t look like it’s getting warmer anytime soon, even if spring is only about 40 days or so away. It’s going to be cold forever… If you check out the latest runways, you’ll see football scarves absolutely everywhere, with all sorts of style ideas for what... Read More

Men’s Fashion Trends 2018 Revealed

Get your best Armani jeans out and make the most of the protest trends that are sure to be uber cool this year in men’s wear. Men’s 2018 Autumn/Winter trends have been revealed and protest wear is having a resurgence. We have already covered the popularity of tartan this year, and that will play an important part of the grungy protest look that is sure to be popular this year. 2017 saw protest across the globe rise among groups who had never been part of protests before. It started with... Read More

Tartan ‘On Trend For Menswear In 2018’

Tartan is going to be the big menswear trend in 2018, with the pattern finding its way from the flannel shirt to other parts of the wardrobe. D’Marge reports that tartan is something to look forward to in men’s fashion next year, after publishing pictures of Lewis Hamilton in a striking red tartan blazer and trouser suit standing alongside Donatella Versace and Conor McGregor at the recent Fashion Awards 2017 in London. Hamilton, a four-time Formula One Star coupled his two-piece with leather boots, a black turtle neck top (also... Read More

Men’s Fashion Dos and Don’ts For Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year again with festive party after festive party – and of course you all want to look your best in your Hugo Boss Black label. But you’ll also want to avoid a few fashion faux pas so preparing ahead of time is probably wise. First of all, check to see what – if any – dress code has been set in place for your work Christmas party. Most of the time it’ll probably be smart casual but it’s worth checking so you’re not over or under... Read More

3 Strong Autumn Fragrances For Guys

A new season should always herald the dawn of a new cologne and now that we’re in the full throes of autumn, it’s perhaps time to shelve those summer fragrances you’ve been clinging onto. Here are just a couple of our favourite autumnal fragrances for men that’ll go perfectly with your Hamaki Ho clobber this season. Concrete Commes des Garcons, £115 We love the packaging of this fragrance as much as we like the fragrance itself! It comes in an actual concrete bottle inspired by the streets of NYC, apparently,... Read More

7 Of The Best Haircare Tips For Men

Now that winter is well and truly on its way, we need to be as prepared as possible when it comes to grooming or our skin will dry out, our hair will look a right mess and people will cross the road to avoid us as we head off on our way to work. If you’re already struggling with your hair, here are some top tips to help you look your best right through until Christmas Day and beyond. Don’t go overboard Hair styling can quickly go from ok to... Read More

How To Invest In Timeless Men’s Fashion

When you go shopping for a new item for your wardrobe, or even a new outfit, the level of choice can be overwhelming. Some garments and accessories fly in and out of fashion so quickly you’ve barely worn them before they’re consigned to the bottom of a drawer, but others stand the test of time. The key is knowing which items offer that timeless style and which are more of a flash in the pan. Don’t get us wrong, we love keeping up with the latest trends, but it’s always... Read More

Fall Fashion For Men: Our Top Picks

It’s safe to say that autumn is now well and truly here… kiss goodbye to the sun and say hi to wind, rain and snow. Hopefully that won’t happen just yet (although we have heard that we can expect to be battered by six massive storms before Christmas Day), but if it does we’ll be more than ready for it. There’s nothing quite like the start of a new season to reinvent yourself and try out some of the latest trends – so here are our top picks for what... Read More